Heather Dubrow

Heather explains why Alexis wasn't invited to her clambake and why Terry didn't get his onion rings.

on Apr 5, 2013

Hi Everyone! Here we go again!

I hope you enjoyed the first episode, I thought it was nice to start the season with the birth of Briana's son! I am very fond of Vicki and her family. Briana is an amazing girl and an amazing mom. I got to see Troy a few weeks after he was born and he is just adorable! Made me miss Collette being so little!

I think Vicki is in a good space, renovating her life (as she says!). Her house looks beautiful (you will see the final look later in the season) and so does Vicki! Plastic surgery is a very personal thing. I think Vicki was beautiful before, and I think she looks beautiful now. The important thing is that she is happy and confident. I support her 100 percent.