Heather Dubrow

Heather shares why she asked about Gretchen's part in 'Malibu Country' and why she told Tamra about it.

on Jul 2, 2013

So exciting to be offered another guest star role less than a month after my appearance on Hot in Cleveland! Terry was so supportive, helpful and great -- just like the old days. So nice that the balance is back in our marriage and in our lives.

Speaking of balance, what I said on the show is true. In this one tiny moment I have it all. Obviously it won't always be that way. . .So I'm glad that I can appreciate this period of time and enjoy it!

In the limo. . .It was nice to see everyone excited for Tamra's big day of wedding dress shopping! I was bummed I couldn't drive with them, but I had the table read for Malibu Country and I didn't want to pull focus from Tamra's day -- so I decided to wait until later to share my news.