Heather Dubrow

Heather doesn't want to get lumped into the us versus them battle, because she disagrees with how Alexis and Tamra acted.

on Apr 22, 2013

Tamra and Eddie ...I was shocked to hear that Tamra invited Alexis to her party. The only thing Tamra has heard lately is that Alexis is trying to sue her  I'm not saying they shouldn't sit down at some point and work out their differences. This just doesn't seem like the right place to me. No wonder her stomach is acting up!

The party at C.U.T. Wow! The place looks amazing!!! So does Tamra! Giving out the glasses was so sweet! Love a party favor!

I was giving Alexis the benefit of the doubt as to why she was coming to the party. I had no intention of engaging with her. If you've read my previous blogs, you will know that I was upset with her for my own reasons. So, when I saw her, I was just trying to be appropriate when she walked in. Maybe Alexis should give me a script? Nothing I say is right. What am I supposed to say? I said nice to see you -- it's called being polite. If I had said nothing, I would have been called rude.

It was clearly very awkward while we were all sitting there. Again, there are some of comments from some of the ladies that are perpetuate the "us" and them" situation, which I don't feel is accurate. Vicki and I have always had a nice friendship...And Lydia and I are forming a nice friendship at this point and really enjoy each others company.