Heather Dubrow

Heather doesn't think anything is wrong with store-bought deserts, she just has a few problems with her caterer.

on Apr 9, 2013

Sorry this blog is late. I actually watched the show live last night with all of you! (My screener was mysteriously AWOL.) Anyway...

The algorithm of shooting a reality show is 30 hours of filming for 20 minutes of footage that ends up onscreen . Isn't that crazy?? So imagine how many times I had to hear the words "onion rings" in thirty hours! Ugh! Truthfully, I'm not sure he even wanted the darn things, he just thought it was funny. Then to enlist Vicki??? Not necessary.

I love my husband, but as I said last week, he likes to push my buttons.
The truth is, I was extremely annoyed with my caterer. (Who I've been working with for years and I do adore...) Brian specifically told Terry that he was serving steak as well (at my request in case anyone didn't care for lobsters, or if there was any shellfish allergy I wasn't aware of). So I can understand why Terry inquired about the steak. . .My ennui came from him asking over and over and over (which wasn't shown).

Also, the dessert table: Just for the record, I LOVE Costco. We shop there often and I think their products are excellent.
Can you imagine though, hiring a caterer and requesting a dessert bar -- only to find out, it was all store bought? I assumed he had made all of the desserts, which is why I made that comment.