Heather Dubrow

Heather is appalled by Lauri's behavior and Gretchen's big defensive reaction to the 'Malibu Country' drama.

on Jul 11, 2013

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed the weekend and celebrated our country's independence safely with lots of friends and family around you! (Check out my Instagram @heatherdubrow to see how we celebrated.)

As I watch this episode I'm just stunned that there is yet another scene where Lauri talking about Vicki's alleged sexcapades. This is so beyond inappropriate. Why is she telling everyone ?

Packing for the snow. . .Brianna and Vicki are so funny together. I love their mother/daughter dynamic. And Gretchen and her "costumes." Watching Gretchen pack is hilarious. It's true, she does like a theme! Truth is, if anyone can pull off wearing a white jumpsuit, it's Gretchen!