Heather Dubrow

Heather is appalled by Lauri's behavior and Gretchen's big defensive reaction to the 'Malibu Country' drama.

on Jul 11, 2013

Oh Canada! Lydia's uncle Greg was so cute and such a good sport! I was glad I got to meet him.

I have to say as sorry as I was about leaving the trip early, I was very glad to miss the drama on the mountain. I am really just so disgusted about the way Lauri has chosen to come back to this group. My understanding is she was not this way before.
I did love how Alexis, Lydia , and Tamra were making snow angels while the drama ensued. Lauri was trying to make trouble for trouble's sake.

The drama continues in the snow next week and you will see how the Dubrow family is doing back at home. . .So stay tuned!

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