Heather Dubrow

Heather shares details on her Father's Day with Terry, Tamra's wedding, and her truce with Alexis.

on Jun 19, 2013

I'm being summoned to the "Tarzan" swing in the pool right now, so I'm on borrowed time. However, a few comments about the show this week. . .

Coffee with Alexis. . .Perception is a very interesting thing. Alexis and I both have very strong opinions about who is right, who is wrong, and who needs to make amends.

I don't intend to use this blog as a soapbox to convince you of my side and fill you in on incidences that you did not get to see. Those moments are not germane to this discussion. Suffice to say that no one wins in a situation like this unless you can come to a place where you can move forward.