Heather Dubrow

Heather can't believe the girls left her behind in Mexico or that Lauri would say all those things about Vicki.

on Jun 4, 2013

Welcome back! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Swimsuit shopping with Gretchen: I wanted to get a swimsuit made for Tamra with "Mrs. Judge" blinged out on the tush. Gretchen offered to bring me to her partner who she was about to collaborate with on a swimsuit line.

Understanding that Gretchen is a bikini girl, I absolutely deferred to her on many elements of the suit. But at the end of the day -- this was my gift to Tamra (Gretchen was planning on blinging out a Juicy sweatsuit for Tamra) and I wanted it the way I wanted it. Thankfully, we got it handled and I think Tamra really liked the finished product!

Gretchen and Lauri at the stables: This scene with Gretchen and Lauri was very distasteful to me. What is the point of Lauri telling all of these things to Gretchen about Vicki? I found it so base and so hurtful.