Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia explains how surreal it was being in the middle of Tamra, Heather, and Alexis' feud.

on Apr 22, 2013

All aboard the crazy train!

I'm officially a Housewife. . .and I have an orange! Hooray! YOLO (You Only Live Once) is my "catchphrase," and is basically why I decided to do the show. It seems to be my motto in this season of my life. I am excited for this journey and opportunity and am grateful you are on it with me.

When Alexis came over and we had a playdate at my house, I mentioned my meeting with Heather. I went on to mention the whole diamond ring thing because I knew it would come out eventually, so I was trying to be direct with her. I think it is insightful to watch yourself back on video -- not everyone gets to do this in life. I am trying to take this gift as a learning opportunity. Evidently, not only am I a hugger but I am also a laugher. I seem to laugh in awkward situations or when I am a bit uncomfortable. I obviously am uncomfortable asking Alexis about her "fake" diamond ring, but I also wanted to know why Heather would tell me this and if it is true.

Speaking of awkward. . .the dinner with the Dubrows was not actually awkward at all. It was a fabulous dinner. Heather and I got along really well, and we all laughed and had a great time. I think the whole magazine "cover" drama was blown way out of proportion. Heather is obviously beautiful and would make a great cover. She demonstrates elegance and class. However, we were not looking for a cover feature at that time. We only have four issues a year and the cover gets secured quickly.