Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia doesn't understand why Gretchen can't be more supportive of Tamra and Vicki trying to make ammends.

on Apr 8, 2013

I'm excited for Tamra and Eddie to own a business together and start their marriage. I think that's a fun adventure. A couple going into business together is what my life is all about. My husband and I work together and own several companies together, and I love it. I know some couples wouldn't be able to do it, but for us it works out great (most of the time). I am looking forward to seeing them open their gym and work side-by-side. I am all about following your dream and I think Tamara has had a dream of owning her own gym for a long time. It is special to get to walk all the steps with them and see that it does take hard work and long hours. This is something that I know and have experienced in my life so it is inspiring and a good reminder to see.

I liked getting a different kind of glimpse into Alexis and Jim and their life. I feel like we are seeing a goofier side of Jim, as he's trying on Alexis' shoes and dressing up as a "Latin lover" for dance lessons. You don't know me that well yet, but I am all about goofy!

Alexis looks like a bombshell ballerina and their date seemed lighthearted and sweet. I look forward to seeing their trampoline park and Alexis being the spokesperson. Hopefully she learns how to jump into the foam pit better. She can make anything look good, but her dismount needed a little bit of work!