Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia considers herself a good friend to Alexis, but that doesn't mean she thinks she is being bullied.

on Apr 29, 2013

This was another hard episode for me to watch and it stirred up a lot of emotions. Let me just start by saying that Alexis is an amazing person. She is kindhearted, funny, and I love being around her. I consider Alexis a true friend, and it was in the spirit of friendship that I was trying to calmly explain to her why I felt the other girls got so fired up. However, I don't believe she was being bullied, and I don't think feeling that way makes me a bad friend. I know my heart and intentions were good. I left the party with Alexis and checked in on her a few days later as any friend would do for someone they care about.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying that Alexis shouldn't have been upset about the evening. I truly believe she had every right to have hurt feelings. But don't forget, we signed up to be on a reality TV show. We get paid to show up and express our opinions and our feelings regardless of whether or not anyone else agrees with us. It's that dynamic that makes for good TV and why you all tune in to watch, right? So, for Alexis to call the girls bullies in my opinion is not playing by the rules and what I meant when I tell her, "you know what you signed up for."