Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia explains why she wanted to defend Alexis and what she thinks of Vicki and Tamra's feud.

on May 13, 2013

Coming off of Mother's Day weekend, and having my mother introduced last week, I would like to give a shout out to all the mamas out there. I am so grateful for being a mom and for having a wonderful example of what a great mother looks like because of who my mom is. Everyone (for the most part) has been so encouraging and loving towards my mom after last week's episode. I know she "lives in the land of the bunnies" but that is who she is, and I'm so happy for your acceptance and love. I am proud of my mom and her zest for life and care free attitude.

On to wine tasting. . .Malibu style.

This is the first trip where Doug and I have both left our kids overnight. When we travel we like to bring them with us, and if Doug goes on business trips, I like to stay home with the kids. We have left them for the day before, but our kids are young. Maverick is two and Stirling is four. Having our own businesses allows us to create our own schedules. I work around my kids naps and preschool. I am very hands-on and involved, and I get nervous if I leave them for too long. Once we got invited to go on the wine trip, I was excited as well as anxious. I can tell by watching this episode that I am missing my kids and not fully "present" in the trip. I was looking forward to getting to know all the girls, but my kids are always my biggest concern. Doug and I tried to focus on a fun weekend away. We rode bikes and took a workout class together. It was a fun weekend overall and reminded me of our visits to Doug's hometown of Paso Robles.

When we first arrived I gave Gretchen a card. I had only met her at the CUT party and that obviously wasn't a great night for anyone. Tamra had told me Gretchen was going through a lot with Grayson, Slade's son. I can't imagine having a sick child and what that must be like to go through. I had my boys color a Get Well card for them. This was my way of letting her know we were praying for her and the whole family. I hadn't "clicked" with Gretchen, and I thought this was a good way to show her a little of who I am by offering her support.