Lydia McLaughlin

The newest Orange County Housewife reflects on why she joined the show and how it's changed her life.

on Jun 26, 2013

The 100th episode of RHOC was really fun to watch. I moved up to Orange County when I graduated from college and the first season of the show was just beginning to air. I have to admit. . .I didn't watch the show back then, but I remember hearing about it and what a cultural phenomenal it was. Never in a million years would I have predicted that seven seasons later I would be a Houeswife. It's so funny how life works out!

I really loved walking down memory lane with the various ladies and witnessing their respective highs and lows -- from their dramas to their fashion choices to their amazing travels to their romantic situations to their friendships to the parties they hosted and attended and everything in between. This show really did and does put it all out there for you to see.