Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia doesn't believe the rumors that Vicki had a threesome.

on Jul 9, 2013

Happy 4th of July! Although I love Canada and treasure my memories growing up there, I am proud to be an American. Coming off of such a special holiday and time with family, it makes it that much more at the forefront of my mind that we are so blessed to live in the greatest country in the world.
That being said, I also love Canada. It is a part of who I am, and it was so fun to take the ladies up to my "Motherland." I kind of like to claim everything, it’s a running joke I have with my friends.  If I meet someone who’s Italian, I’m speaking in an Italian accent "Ciao Bello." If you are from Canada, so am I. You are from France? No way, I studied abroad there! I like to connect with everyone. So although I see myself as a proud American, I also identify with my Canadian roots.
I found it amusing watching everyone pack for the snow. There really is no way to make a snowsuit cute, but from Alexis' big ring on her glove to Gretchen's white onesie, I have to hand it to the ladies for trying!