Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia doesn't believe the rumors that Vicki had a threesome.

on Jul 9, 2013

The whole day on the mountain was so bizarre to me. I had left the girls to snowboard and go down the hill. When I met them on the bottom a few hours later, I assumed everyone was talking about hot coco and the beauty of the snow. Boy was I wrong! As far as the threesome accusations go, I found this so disturbing. I haven't known Vicki for very long, but this just doesn't seem in her character. Also, Lauri's story doesn't even add up. Vicki was watching a movie with her sister and a friend on a business trip. Lauri herself says she didn't see what was going on. I’m believing Vicki's word on this one. Perhaps Lauri was just trying to drag Vickis name through the mud.

When Gretchen heard the accusations against Vicki, she should have taken it to Vicki. Instead she told Heather, and then later Tamra. I am a direct person. I like to talk about my feelings and move on. I enjoy life and having fun and being silly. I try not to harbor negative thoughts about people.