Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia discusses why Slade's nickname bothered her, when Lauri should have chimed in, and defends Gretchen.

on Jul 1, 2013

First of all, Happy Canada Day! I know everyone will be celebrating the Fourth of July this week. Nothing beats fireworks, family, and freedom. Yay America! A little known fact though, July 1st is Canada Day so pour some maple syrup on your pancakes, eh? On to this week's episode. . .

Who doesn't love a day of dress shopping with all of your girlfriends, right!? I was so excited to watch Tamra try on all sorts of dresses and find the wedding gown of her dreams. Doug and I just went to her wedding a couple of weekend's ago so, it was perfect timing to watch this episode. Tamra looked beautiful in every dress she tried on. It's no wonder she choose three! (You can see all of Tamra and Eddie's wedding day bliss in September in a multi-episode special all about their big day.)

Anyway, this was the first time I'd see everyone since the Salsa Night. So on the drive up to LA, the girls asked me all about Slade's now infamous "cheeseburger" comment. Some fans have commented that they think I overreacted, and they are entitled to their opinions. However, my feelings were hurt by Slade's whispered "joke." That is my reality. I am a direct person and I told him right then and there that it is never OK for a man to put down a woman's appearance. End of story. Slade should have just said sorry and moved on, but that didn't happen, and instead it grew into more then his mere comment. It was validating to hear that the girls understood where I was coming from and affirm my feelings. I felt really supported and justified by my friends.