Lydia McLaughlin

Lydia explains why Slade's cheeseburger comment upset her so, and why she's happy Heather and Alexis made up.

on Jun 18, 2013

Once we returned home from Mexico, I decided I wanted to plan a party for everyone. The girls have all been so sweet and welcoming and I wanted to host an event. I love celebrating life with the people I love. I am a goofy kind of girl and I love a good theme party. I think it is fun to get all dressed up and not take yourself too seriously.

Since we had just returned from Mexico I came up with the salsa theme. I thought it would be fun to all learn to salsa dance together. In Mexico, Heather had mentioned that she didn't want to come to my party if Alexis was coming. She said she felt like it would create an awkward vibe and she didn't want to ruin my party.

Once we got home, I decided to call Heather and see if I could encourage her to come. I have become part of this "clique" of ladies. However, I want my friend Alexis around too. I missed her in Mexico. Walking into the CUT party, I didn't know the dynamics between the ladies. However, now I feel like I have my own friendships with them and I'm confident that enough time has passed where they could all be in the same room again without an explosion.

Tamra and Alexis have made up. I know Heather can be civil and so I made the call to Heather to see if she would reconsider and come. I am really thankful Heather did. The party wouldn't have been the same without her and I didn't want to choose between the girls. Heather wasn't making me choose since she took herself out of the equation, but I wanted everyone to get along and be there.