Tamra Barney

Tamara shares some secrets of her wedding and discusses Lauri's allegations and where she differes from Gretchen.

on Jun 18, 2013

Slade making fun of Lydia being too skinny was not nice. He seems to have a pattern of making fun of women -- not a nice characteristic in a man. Even if he was joking the part that annoyed me was his passive aggressive/reverse psychology. When he was caught he should have said, "I am sorry I was not trying to hurt your feelings." Instead he said things like, "We're all fat and shouldn't eat cheeseburgers, but you should." When she said you should make fun of women he again made a statement like, "You're a much better person than me." That kind of behavior drives me nuts. Take ownership for what you are saying and stop blowing smoke up her ass.

When I met Alexis for lunch I told her that we should keep things between us for a while because I didn't want any outside influences. I wanted to get to know Alexis and try and bond on things that we DO have in common and not dwell on the things that we DO NOT have in common. It was hard for me to tell Gretchen that I made peace with Alexis, and she really made me feel horrible when she heard I invited her.