Tamra Barney

Tamra regrets making fun of Vicki's face and explains the transition of moving in with Eddie.

on Apr 5, 2013

Hello everyone, and I hope you enjoyed the first episode.

We moved in with Eddie and couple weeks after getting engaged. . .me, Sidney, Sophia, Spencer, Bronx (dog) and our three birds. Our plan was to live together for a year to make sure the kids got adjusted and everyone was OK with their new living situation before we got married. You can Imagine how scared I was the first three months of living together. Eddie is a VERY disciplined guy, you can tell by his amazing body at 40 and work ethic. Growing up with very little as a child he takes pride in his accomplishments and pays great attention to detail. Controlling was clearly not the word I was searching for -- maybe anal retentive?

Eddie has never had kids of his own and now there are three kids running the house with backpacks, shoes, and toys laying around the house. I would make myself crazy following the kids around making sure everything was picked up, lights were off, beds were made, the dog was fed, etc. About three months into it Eddie said to me, "Babe you need to stop! Let things happen so we as a family can fix them. Nothing will get get fixed if you keep doing it yourself." Truth was I was afraid I was going to scare Eddie off and upset the kids if Eddie had to discipline them. I was so afraid of a Simon versus Ryan repeat.

It's been over a year since we moved in together and although it took a while for everyone to adjust we are very happy and well adjusted. . .and YES Eddie lost the battle of NO shoes in the house.