The First 'Wives Club

Ep 4:'s Editor wonders what Vicki could have brought (besides Alexis) to make Tamra's gym party a success.

on Apr 22, 2013

Hello my little gym rats. I don't want to be accused of bullying, but I definitely think you should read on to make sense of the antics that went down in Tamra's gym.

Mirror, Mirror
We open with Alexis visiting her good pal Vicki. Alexis brings Vicki a mirror so she can fully appreciate her newly style face -- and of course celebrate the fact that she was actually always beautiful. When Alexis said the mirror was for her to remember how beautiful she was on the inside, I really wanted the mirror to just hold a picture of Vicki's heart, because symbolize, you know? But I suppose this is a much more useful present. 

Besides just talking about pretty faces, Vicki had a real request during their visit. She wants Alexis to come with her as support (back-up?) for Tamra's big gym event. Vicki wants everyone to take their meanness to the playground -- not the gym, which is confusing because most grade schoolers also have a gym class. And so after some caterwauling, Alexis decides to attend. However, that does lead to two other issues. One: Vicki was having a hard time grasping the idea of wearing a dress to a fitness studio. Did Tamra tell them this wasn't a workout session? Why was this such a trouble spot? Can't you at least wear dresses in Zumba? Issue two was a little more pressing, Alexis also wanted to bring her pal Lydia. Alexis already had plans with the "Christian on steroids" (her words, because I think Lydia looks a little small to have been juiced), so why not throw her into the mix too? This whole dinner party is like mancala. Pick up whoever, whenever!