The First 'Wives Club

Ep 12:'s Digital Producer discusses the many surprises and secrets at Lydia's salsa party.

on Jun 17, 2013

To quote The Office: "Secrets (secrets) are no fun. Secrets (secrets) hurt someone."

And there was a whole lot of whispering going on this episode. From Lydia trying to secretly prod folks into friendship, to secret nicknames, to secret guests, to secrets about said secret guest, this episode was a Russian nesting doll full of surprises and twists. Let's examine as best we can.

Lydia in the Middle
We open with Lydia trying to see if her healing tendencies can work again. She's already done the unthinkable and healed the cosmic rift between Tamra and Alexis, can lightening strike twice with Alexis and Heather? She hopes, because she's throwing a Lydia-style shindig with silliness and costumes (and hopefully some armpit farts), and she simply won't allow Heather to bow out because Alexis will be there. Instead, why don't they just get together and discuss their issues? The friendship whisperer's trap is set -- but will it catch two BFFs4EVA?

Speaking of friends, Tamra and Vicki are back on bestie status and seeing their Wines by Wives labels in action. The ladies are prepping mentally for the next big theme party in Orange County. . .Vicki is hoping that the party will be sans the dirt under her fingernails that is Gretchen. Tamra is hoping Vicki can avoid putting her lip up if Gretchen's name is mentioned. Well, since Vicki' is, in her own assessment, perfect, it seems like this party should go off without incident. And Brooks won't even be there to cause drama. . .or will he?