The First 'Wives Club

Ep 1:'s Editor tries grasp the concept of Briana having a baby and of Vicki and Tamra at odds.

on Apr 1, 2013

Baby on Board
And then the darndest thing happens -- Briana has a baby. If you, like me, have watched B grow up before your eyes on the show, you probably got a little misty -- particularly when her labor was so difficult. I just wanted that sweet little baby to come out! Just let Briana be a mom already guys!

And then Troy finally appeared! IHe's such a little stud! Woo Hoo for babies!

It was a little heart-breaking to see that Tamra was getting the news from Heather. Yes, sadly the break didn't do anything to smooth over their evil eye kerfuffle. At least Tamra has Gretchen to drink champagne and shop with. Remember when no one thought that would happen? Perhaps this whole group can mend fences before too long.

Besides just babies, people were learning to do all sorts growing and learing -- like learning making coffee. Yes, Gretchen is now taking applications for new bitches because Slade has a real job! Hoorah! This makes Gretchen's biz a little tricky, but if that's what happens it must be. As long as he has a phone at his desk, she can still check in and make coffee so she has the power to run her business on her own.