The First 'Wives Club

Ep 10:'s Digital Producer ponders Tamra's lollipop and Gretchen and Heather's taste in swimusuits.

on May 31, 2013

Rules in Mexico
Here are the rules in Mexico, according to Vicki.

Talk to every Mexican you can
Drink in the streets

Whoop it up both nights

Finally, the ladies head off, penis-paraphernalia packed and ready to go. Lydia is ready to become a woman. Heather is ready for her real Magic Mike. Tamra is prepared even if they bring her to the terrible snow. After Tamra is "sashed" the gang heads to Mexico! Pull out your penis lollipop and be the pillars of the community you are! Try your best to avoid donkeys.

Spitfire Round of Questions

Once the ladies are settled in, it's time to head to dinner. Tamra wants to save her real partying for tomorrow, which seems convenient because Heather takes them to a rather quiet restaurant (that seems to be the kind dig of the week, eh. Shade!). A quite restaurant without chips. So the gang tries to break the ice with some spitfire questions, yup spitfire. And no question is more spitfire than "what position doe she like." Oh Vicki, you're always there to help make things more lively.

That works for a little bit, until things get more awkward over fish skin and suspicious shrimp. And then Vicki starts pushing the "whoop it up" plan. And she manages to get her way, thanks to a properly timed trip to the bathroom.