The First 'Wives Club

Ep 2:'s Editor wonders if Tamra and Vicki can make amends in a locked wine cellar with only Costco desserts.

on Apr 8, 2013

Let's Dance
Meanwhile in Alexis land, Jim and Alexis are taking a romantic dance class. Alexis shares that the last year was rather hard on dear Jim, and that now that things are better he's seeming more like himself. Plus she's feeling free and supported. She's got Vicki to rely on, and her handsome man friend to dance with. Things are looking up.

I do have to say Jim's got some moves. I bet he was a killer "lambada" dancer.
And, Alexis is right about his lightness being back, because he's light enough on his feet to wear women's flip flops. Nice tootsies Bellino.

In the Vault
After a small Costco kerfuffle and a pretty serious pinch (I don't recall Mary Poppins having quite such a violent grip), Tamra finds out that her and Eddie's gym is city council approved! And Vicki takes this good feeling moment to approach Tamra.

In a new twist for them, the gals actually try to talk out their issues by locking themselves in a wine cellar (there are worse places to be trapped). Vicki confesses that she's not happy and that she feels like she's not allowed to be with who she wants. Tamra shares that she doesn't hate Brooks, she just wants to be sure that Vicki isn't going to get hurt. And then in vino veritas literally happens. Vicki sees a bottle of wine that reminds her of a trip they took years ago with their respective exes. It's a serious reminder of how far they come and how much they truly mean to each other. And so things end on a semi-positive note. The ladies are both leery of what is yet to come, but they want things to work out.