The First 'Wives Club

Ep 3:'s Editor ponders new Housewife Lydia, Tamra and Vicki's courtship, and Brooks.

on Apr 15, 2013

Hello RHOC fans! We're still living in an onion ring free world. But now we've got another hungry mouth to feed –- new Housewife Lydia McLaughlin. Let's try to make sense of all the antics this week, shall we.

If It Ain't Brooks
We open with someone paying a visit to see baby Troy. But it's still not Tamra -- it’s Vicki's new BFF Alexis. At this point I'm wondering how old Troy will be when Tamra finally sees him. The kid might be walking considering the state of their relationship at the moment.

In better news, Vicki is doing a great job as Nana, and things at the Gunvalson household are pretty good. Well pretty good until the name Brooks gets brought up. Over salad, Alexis asks what Vicki's relationship status is and Vicki explains that she and Brooks are still "on a break." But Briana's not buying it. She thinks her mother is still talking to him, and she still does not approver. Poor Vicki is just as confused as can be. I feel like someone needs to draw our gal a relationship map.

Sadly, when Briana drops in to see her at work, things are only made more complicated. Briana shares that she has no interest in being around Brooks, or supporting them as a couple. With the divorce history and all that's going on, Briana would just prefer that Vicki not entertain dates in the house at the moment -- particularly not her suitor Brooks. If Vicki does need the space for dating, Briana will pack up little Troy and hit the road.