The First 'Wives Club

Ep 14:'s Digital Producer debates what Vicki means when she calls Lauri "a piece of trash." 

on Jul 8, 2013

Karma and Greg
Once the gang gets settled it's time to entertain hot Uncle Greg. Thankfully Vicki is distracted by Greg's hockey player build and doesn't notice the thick tension between Lauri and Tamra. Un-thankfully, Lydia is not pro Vicki marrying into the family. Oh come on! Can you imagine having Vicki as an Aunt? Can you fathom the delightful holidays with Lydia's mom Judy and Vicki prepping the turkey. There is no quota for crazy in families.

After unsuccessfully getting Vicki and Greg married off and living in a maple tree house, the gang goes to bed -- and Heather goes to Los Angeles. The next morning the women head off to the slopes to do what nerds do: ski. (I'm not sure why Lydia thinks skiing is a nerd sport. I always thought nerd sports were things like Mathletes.) They've prepped with a "concierge" (pronunciation debatable) and cleaned their ears with Gretchen's headwear. 

Is anyone else not surprised that Vicki was on the ski team and immediately talking big game about skiing. Sadly, she's the first one with "t--s on the ground" on the ant hill. Also, I'd be remiss to miss the opportunity while we are discussing Vicki's klutzy ways to not point out this clip of Vicki's biggest, literal falls.