The First 'Wives Club

Ep 5:'s Editor discusses child locks, Brooks, and how many times God and Alexis should forgive.

on Apr 29, 2013

Hello children. I hope the child locks on the doors are engaged because there is no escaping this recap. And unlike Vicki, I know where you live, so you might as well embrace it.

My Opinion Way or the High Opinion Way
We open back at the dinner party, with Tamra trying to move Alexis' chair out into the parking lot. Unsurprisingly, once someone tries to move her cheese chair, she takes this as a cue to leave. While she waits for her limo, she tries her darnedest to get the definition of bullying through to Lydia (her Webster-worthy example: Costa Rica). Meanwhile again, inside the gals are discussing San Francisco (What did I tell you last week? Just put the clip on your phone ladies, you always want to reference it) and how it relates to the general term bullying. Heather goes so far as to defend Vicki and mention that it speaks volumes that she didn't also scoot her chair out to the parking lot to wait for the limo with Alexis.

While Heather is working on that barrel of monkeys, Vicki and Gretchen are having their own issues. And then, Vicki's plan to stay neutral is not working because Alexis feels like the longer she's inside the gym, the more unloyal she becomes. And then Vicki trots out to the car, and then Tamra trots out to stand near the car just in time to hear Alexis announce her Xanax dosage. Between the crying and the yelling and Tamra standing with the wine glass lording over the limo, God bless anyone that drove by the parking lot that night. It was quite a sight.