Troupe Beverly Hills

Ep 5:'s Editor wonders why biking is ruining Tamra's sex life and why Vicki is always looking for a fur coat.

on May 9, 2013

Hello friends and bicycle enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy the taste of wine mixed with bitter tension because all is not well with our RHOC ladies. They're mad at their man folk and mad at each other. Let's recap shall we.

Toe Nailing the Line
Before we get into the Heather/Terry kerfuffle, let's talk about the depths of their love. Personally, all of this hullabaloo doesn't bother me because I know these guys love each other more deeply than 87 percent of couples in the world. Why you ask? Well because there was a time when Heather regularly trimmed Terry's toe nails. That is love my babies. And if they love each other that much, than Terry can stop being a "butthead" and Heather can forgive him for it. Just give the woman some support and some breath between jokes Dr. Dubrow.

In other love stories, Eddie really, really loves his bicycle. Like occassionally would prefer to ride it instead of something else (Tamra). And that's why he's coming to Malibu -- oh and also because of wine! But seriously, can I ask the internet to please create a montage of Eddie getting "recharged" along to that Queen song? Because now that's all I see in my mind.