Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki can't believe that Tamra can't put aside their personal issues to make WInes by Wives work.

on May 13, 2013

I am a business woman, and business is business. I told Chris Gravagna (our partner in WBW) that I completely support and agree with the WBW brand and our mission, however I would be mostly behind the scenes managing and supporting our company. I did not become part owners of this company to have it take me away from my Coto Insurance company, nor from my vodka launch. He assured me that it wouldn't and that I could do it all -- which made me very happy and and the whole thing very doable.

When I was checking into the hotel, my emotions hit me off guard as and I had gotten so teary eyed. I travel for business almost every week and check into hotels all the time by myself. I think it was because it was a couple's trip, which made it different for me. Like I said in this episode, I had been married all of my adult life, and going on couples' trip and being single was not something that I had been not used to nor liked. I’m sure some of you can relate to that -- it takes some time to get used to. When I saw Gretchen’s interview making fun of me, it just made me get mad. I mean who is she to talk about being alone? She can’t even make a cup of coffee without calling Slade much less could she travel on a couples' trip without him. It’s just so rude of her to not put herself in my shoes for once. She’s just always got such a negative attitude towards me and everyone else lately that makes me wonder what made her and her life so perfect that she can cut down mine? Ugh so frustrating and such a negative girl lately.