Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki just wants everyone to get along -- but she has no interest in being anything but cordial to Gretchen.

on Apr 23, 2013

Gretchen's comment about me saying "my baby" when I was referring to Troy was just stupid. My grandson is our families baby and if I used the word "my baby," it was nothing short of a play on words. I know very clearly it's not MY BABY and for her to snicker and make fun of me is just childish. She has NEVER been a mother, much less a grandmother, and has no idea the love that one has for a child until you become a mother. She acts all high and mighty, calling people out whenever she feels like it -- but to me it's just ignorant and stupid. She knows how it felt when SHE was in the "hot" seat a few years ago and now she's doing it to everyone else.

I really dislike how Alexis was treated at the party. Alexis went in with nothing but good intentions, to show Tamra that in spite of their differences she is supporting her gym. That speaks volumes to me. Alexis said to Tamra several times at the dinner table that she would be more than happy to discuss their differences one-on-one and asked that they not to do it in front of everyone. However Tamra just wouldn't let it go. It makes me really sad for Alexis. No one has yet to gang up on Tamra, so I really don't think Tamra understands how it feels. I truly hope she never experiences it because it stinks! Whether it's the word "bully," or "ganged up on," or "verbally attacked," or whatever word these women want to use -- it's just not nice! However you want to slice and dice it up -- it's just plain mean and I wish it would stop.

Poor Lydia! She had no clue what she got herself into by coming to Tamra's gym. I could tell when we walked in that it was going to be an awkward evening and we probably should have just turned around and went to dinner by ourselves. I think all the conflict was stemming from issues last year that weren't resolved. It was too new, too raw, and there were too many people around to make a smooth evening with all the bad blood that had happened.