Vicki Gunvalson

The matriarch of RHOC reflects on 100 episodes and thanks those who have stayed with her for all eight seasons.

on Jun 26, 2013

I love Jeana and her family and wish her and her children a lifetime of happiness and peace. She still lives a few doors down from me, and from time to time we are able to see one another in the local coffee shop or restaurants. I wish our friendship never had the falling out, as I do miss her. I think I'll extend that olive branch and reach out to her soon, as I do miss her and we do have a lot in common.

Looking at our fashions, our hairstyle and even the color of our hair have really changed through these past eight years. I noticed a huge difference with all of us -- didn't you?

When I saw the footage of Lauri and I working together and being kind to one another, it made me really sad on where it has gone this year with her. I attended her wedding to George and then had seen her several times after that and we never had any bad words towards each other or ill feelings on my part. I really never knew she was still harboring ill/bad feelings towards me from over seven years ago when the situation happened with George's mother-in-law calling my office. I thought it was done and finished.