Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki addresses Lauri's accusations and what's she's less than proud of that's happened this season.

on Jun 10, 2013

When I hung up the phone, I had two choices to make. Tell Lauri about this call that I received, or not. Since Lauri was so happy with George, and since I didn't really want to get in the middle of it, I decided not to tell Lauri. The phone call followed up with an email from the mother-in-law, and again I did not tell Lauri. Jeana Keough and I were close friends at that time, and I went to Jeana and asked her opinion of what I should do. My intentions were good, and that I didn't want to hurt Lauri at all nor did I want to get into their new relationship in any way shape or form. Jeana happened to tell some other people and it got back to Lauri and she was upset that I didn't go to her with this negative information on George.

If I could go back in time (over seven years ago now), I would have gone directly to Lauri, never to Jeana, and just kept it between us. I had no intentions on hurting Lauri or talking behind her back. I never went to the press with this information, and never went "public" about this. I actually was very uncomfortable with this information from George's ex-mother-in-law and I really wanted it to go away. This is Lauri's "beef" with me. There is nothing else other than this. I was there for Lauri when she was going through her divorce when no one else was, and I really had good intentions.

The difference between Lauri and I, is that I really cared for her and that I never wanted to hurt her. Now that she has returned -- I guess she has an axe to grind with me and decided to come back to stir the pot. Maybe her life is a little boring, maybe the perfect Brady Bunch as she described her family wasn't so perfect after all, and maybe she just missed us all. I doubt any of that is actually true though. In any event, staying quiet and letting her throw out lies about me is something I can't do. You will see as the episodes evolve, I do approach her on this, but at least now you will have some background on what and why this is happening with her.