Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki addresses Lauri's accusations and what's she's less than proud of that's happened this season.

on Jun 10, 2013

When I heard and saw her conversation with Gretchen about "Vicki in bed with another woman and a man" I almost threw up. Talk about my blood boiling is an understatement. The truth of the matter is I took Lauri on an insurance convention with me in New Orleans. We actually filmed that trip which I believe was either Season 1 or 2. It was prior to her meeting George. Everything was great with us, as I took her on the trip to introduce her to my colleagues/friends and insurance professionals. One of the people who was on the trip was one of my sisters, who also was in the insurance industry. I had some of my close friends (who happened to be a few men) to my room for a cocktail party, which included Lauri, and my sister. It was really late in the evening, and a few of us sat on the bed talking while Lauri and others were in the room and was also part of this conversation. There was nothing ever inappropriate going on the entire time, everyone was FULLY CLOTHED, and she twisted it to Gretchen insinuating that I had a "threesome."  It is filthy, raunchy and just disgusting on how and why she would say this about me. I am guessing that she decided to enter back into our lives to put unnecessary garbage and junk into Gretchen and others minds so she would get attention. Sorry Lauri -- the truth always comes out and I can have anyone that was in that room attest to the fact that SHE IS LYING!

Lauri also mentioned something about a Greek man with "no teeth" that I brought home with me. That statement is another LIE. How and why would I bring a Greek man to United States with me, or even back to my hotel room when I was with 15 women the entire time?

This is what happened so you can understand how she has once again twisted the truth about something I told her into a lie. Over six years ago, one of my very dear friends invited me to Greece to go on a cooking/wine trip for eight days. Since I had never been out of the country, I thought it would be a great experience. I roomed with my friend, as well and the other women had a "roommate" as well. I was never alone or apart from my roommate the entire eight days. When I returned from Greece, Lauri was still working for me and I told her how attractive some of the Greek men and women. I told her we went dancing one evening and how much fun we all had and that we had met a group of young men that were a lot of fun. Nothing ever was inappropriate, or was there ever a time I was alone with them. The fact that she LIED again saying that I brought back a "toothless" Greek man is just unbelievable. My friend that I roomed with happened to see this episode and she called me and said “What is Lauri talking about? We were never apart for eight days, you never brought a Greek man back home nor did you have a relationship with any of them”. Again, another lie from Lauri, fabricating the truth.