Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki wishes she and Tamra's friendship had gone differently -- even if Tamra's still lying about her to Eddie.

on Apr 8, 2013

Having Troy, Briana and Ryan at the house prior to Ryan deploying was a huge blessing for all of us. I have been able to help them out so they can have their "date nights" and I've also been able to see Troy on a daily basis. I cherish those moments when we all are together in the house because I know that when Ryan returns from being deployed they will most likely be relocated.

Briana said it correctly -- the divorce, the elopement, the birth of Troy, my dating life, the house renovation and the daily pressures of Coto Insurance & Financial Services made my life really stressful. I wasn’t asking for sympathy, just understanding from my friends. I know with life there are good seasons and bad seasons, and unfortunately this past year was a rough season. I know that this was just a "season," and it would pass, but for my friends to speak so nasty about me that I was faking it or wanted attention was just awful to hear. I was damned if I told them everything and damned if I didn't.

Hearing Eddie say those nasty things about me in his kitchen was extremely hurtful. He obviously forgot the hurt that I went through with Tamra last year and it wasn't entirely my fault. I will take blame for yelling at her, but it was months and months of un-comfortableness between us, and it just reached a boiling point. When Tamra told Eddie about our conversation in the wine cellar, she did not share with him the truth. Instead she lied and said completely the opposite of what transpired. I thought we were breaking some walls down, however she didn't relay that to him, which was wrong in my opinion. Eddie heard only negative comments about our conversation from Tamra, instead of what actually was discussed. I just wish she had told him the sincerity of the moment. Instead she glossed over it and made it non-emotional.