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GIF Recap: A Make Up and A Break Up?

Shannon tries to hang on to David while Tamra and Heather hash it out.


Welcome back to another Real Housewives of Orange County GIF recap! Let's start with a "we totally had a fight recently and never made up" awkward hug starring Tamra and Heather!


Tamra and Eddie's big Good Day LA debut happened, and it looked pretty great from where we were sitting. But Tamra had a different take on the whole thing.


Heather tried to explain that even though she might have come off as rude to Tamra, she was really trying to do her job, and that included changing into gym clothes in less than 90 seconds. As she put it, "Not easy!"


Meanwhile at Shannon's house, her marital issues with David have bubbled up. Things seems to be hitting the fan -- the super expensive, probably organic fan.


Over at Vicki's, Briana came over to reveal the sex of her new baby with balloons in a box. Ryan can't open the box fast enough!


It's no surprise that Vicki was hoping for Briana's second child to be a girl. She only mentioned it... oh, about seven times.


But Vicki can't always get what Vicki wants. It's a boy!


Aww, Grandma's happy anyway!


Bummer alert: Shannon revealed that David sent her an email telling her he's considering moving out of the house. It's just too much for Shannon to handle.


Tamra and Heather got lunch to try to finally put the whole Good Day LA thing behind them. When Tamra wondered why Heather didn't stop in her dressing room to say hi to her, Heather used the universal hilarious sign for "You should have just sent me a text."


Oh, no! More tears. We were doing so good.


Heather admitted she was wrong when she mentioned to Eddie that Tamra really wanted another baby. She seemed really apologetic and knows she put her foot in her mouth.


This is where we remind you that Lizzie has two kids under three.


Shannon has a bit of an "aha moment" when she goes to Tamra's to talk about David's email. Will she change her ways? We'll have to tune in next week to find out.

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