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GIF Recap: "Frick My Life"

Vick and Brooks are back on, we see a whole lot of ugly sweater and new 'Wife Lizzie stirs things up (while almost breaking an ankle).


After all the turmoil last week, we start this week on a high note: Vicki commenting on the vibe in her office when she finds out her receptionist is falling asleep on the job. Sounds like someone needs a little more "Woo-hoo" in their life.


On the way to Danielle's ugly sweater party, Eddie shows off his sweater swag to Tamra while managing to invite her to the gun show at the same time. Real smooth, Eddie. You practiced that in the mirror, didn't you?


Good news for Shannon this week: David surprised her with an overnight getaway to the St. Regis! This included wearing robes and drinking bloody maries in bed, which is actually an ideal way to spend a night.


Everyone, meet Lizzie! The newest OC housewife made quite a splash when she arrived at the ugly sweater party -- literally.


When Eddie and Tamra meet Lizzie, Eddie recognizes her right away from a few workout classes at CUT Fitness. Well, he remembered two things about her...


Bingo. P.S. Lizzie knows she's got 'em. That's why she flaunts 'em.


This episode marked the return of Vicki's on-again, off-again BF Brooks! He's back, and according to Vicki, sexier than sh**. Moving on...


During their romantic hotel stay, David and Shannon get dinner and talk about boob jobs and penile implants. They say a married couple should be able to talk about everything, right?


Back at the ugly sweater party, Tamra tells the ladies just what she's teaching her daughter.


Before they retire for the evening, Shannon needs a little social lubricant to get the night going. Hey, we've all been there! 


A Christmas miracle! Heather and Terry took home top honors at the ugly sweater party when they won for "Best Couple Sweaters." Irony alert: They're Jewish.


Nothing to see here, just Lizzie doing a perfect pageant wave. So glad that year as Miss tktktktk did not go to waste.


Tamra didn't like what she saw when she was out to dinner with Eddie: his missing wedding ring. "I took it off beause I put my regular ring in the box to wear my ring to go out," he explained. Mmm... okay.


By the end of the episode, Tamra was also saying "Frick my life": She's really feeling like she wants a baby with Eddie, and it's not so clear that's going to happen. 

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