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GIF Recap: Whooping It Up in Mexico Again!

Shannon, Vicki, David and Brooks continue to fiesta in Puerto Vallarta; Tamra realizes she made a huge mistake by telling Heather about Shannon's email.


Bienvenido, friends! (That means "Welcome back, friends!" in Spanish.) Let's pick up right where we left off last week -- Shannon and David joined Vicki and Brooks in Mexico for a little fiesta-ing. But the fiesta quickly turned into a lucha ("fight"), because Shannon and David are good at that. But there's no fight a little dancing can't cure. Just take it from David.


Shannon and Vicki hopped on the bar at Andele's and had a real good time. Some might even say they were "Whooping it up!"


Get down with your bad self, Shannon.


Later, in the Mexican outback, the crew went for a horse ride. Vicki was really taking command of that animal.


Back in the O.C., Lizzie was hitting the pavement. She met with a local swimwear boutique to show off her line of goods. Well, a model showed off her line of goods. 


If the boutique decides they don't need Sun Kitten Swimwear in their store, Lizze is "gonna kinda be devastated." Who wouldn't be -- running your own clothing line is a ton of work.


Tamra and Eddie found out the results of their robo-baby experiment. It turns out Eddie wasn't lying about not wanting to have a kid -- he barely took care of the thing. But there are parts of the child-rearing process that he does want to be a part of... Get a room!


Back in Mexico, all the gossip came out. After Shannon told Vicki what happened with Tamra and the email, Brooks piped in about his run-in with Tamra. Remember the infamous "evil eye" catastrophe?


If one good thing did come out of the fight between Shannon and Heather, it's that Shannon and Vicki are closer than ever because of it. Do you think they have sleepovers and braid each other's hair?


At Heather's house, the family was throwing around the idea of getting a dog. What better way to decide if they want one than by renting some for a few hours?


I'll take five in every color, thank you.


After Tamra had some time to think, she realized what she did by telling Heather about Shannon's email. She really wishes she could take it back.


Vicki agreed with Tamra. To sum up her thoughts in a word, "DUH."

Something tells us we haven't seen all the fall out from the email situation. Come back next week for more GIFs of the drama!