Heather Dubrow

Heather clears up some comments Shannon made and regrets commenting on Tamra and Eddie's relationship.

on Apr 28

We are encouraged to use these blogs to clear up misconceptions and explain situations to the audience, since obviously they can't show everything we film in just one hour a week. Shannon made some comments in her blog last week that I'd like to address. The spooky party was not a costume party. We were all told to wear black. I knew that Tamra was doing goth makeup and decided last minute to add my third "eye" to cover my blemish. I texted Shannon and told her what I was doing. Also, I did make a social gaffe when we walked in the party over the introductions and I quickly rectified it as you saw on camera.

Lastly, I did not ditch Shannon at the party. She walked in and immediately immersed herself. At one point Shannon was in the bathroom and Tamra and Vicki were making their usual bathroom jokes -- that Shannon had been in there too long and was she pooping, etc., etc. I went to check on Shannon and she was not only fine, but told me she is absolutely good on her own. I got the impression Shannon didn't want me shadowing her. I also think it's interesting that Tamra called Shannon a "whole lot of crazy"and Shannon didn't comment on THAT at all in her blog. It certainly feels as though Shannon is making an early case against me.

Now on to this week's episode: Dinner at Shannon's house was very awkward, for many reasons, but supremely delicious! Shannon is an exceptional cook. What you didn't see was that Tamra was not being very nice to me from the moment she arrived at the party. She turned her back to me in group conversations, made a few snide remarks and then just walked away. I also felt that Tamra and Vicki were cutting me off every time I tried to speak that evening. This made me especially sensitive and annoyed when Vicki was doing the same thing to Shannon during dinner. Not only is Shannon our hostess, but we are getting to know her, let her speak.