Heather Dubrow

Heather talks Hawaii with Tamra and Vicki, discusses Shannon's "green" home, gives us a little insight into what to expect this season.

Apr 14

ALOHA! We are back!

I had so much fun going to Hawaii to film Hawaii Five-O. It's really hard for me to leave the kids behind, but I've gotten better at balancing. Especially with Collette in pre-school now, it's definitely the right time for me to be working.

Traveling with Tamra and Vicki is always an adventure. Two things to count on for sure -- Tamra will make me do something adventurous and completely out of my comfort zone, and Vicki will make me LAUGH.

Contrary to Vicki's comments, I have never been on a surfboard before and anyone that knows me knows I'm scared of the ocean. Whitewater rafting a few years ago almost pushed me over the edge! These waves in Waikiki felt like 20-foot waves to me, so it's funny to watch and see how tiny they were!