Heather Dubrow

Heather continues to wonder why everything she does is picked apart but everything Vicki does OK.

on May 22

When the episode begins I am making reindeer food with Katarina in the kitchen as I talk to Terry. Kat had an assignment to bring in a family holiday tradition to school and this is what she chose. It's very cute and you can check out my website for details at HeatherDubrow.com. Also, for those who have asked before about my yellow beverage... It's a Grey Goose vodka and soda mixed with Crystal Light lemonade. VERY good and low in calories!

Of course when Terry asked, I shared what happened at dinner with the girls at Javier's. If you listen to the flashback, you can hear Shannon yelling Heather! Heather! That was part of the reaction you didn't get to see. Was her reaction angry to me? Yes. Should I have let it go? Yes. Should I have stayed in the seat after Vicki told me to move? Yes. Very easy to see and say that in retrospect. Of course I'm telling my husband about this in the privacy of our home and not trash talking Shannon to the other girls. Shannon, of course, is talking about me to Vicki.

YEEHAW! I love how Terry and the kids embraced the hoedown theme. They looked soooooo cute, I can't stand it!!!!! I purposely didn't visit the party site earlier in the morning knowing everything was under control. So when I showed up and the party was not ready to go I was concerned. However, they got it together fast!!

How funny was the "Onion Ring Bandit" station?!?! Terry just loved it! Listen, I learned my lesson. It takes so little to please the people you love. I love my husband and he will eat onion rings whenever and wherever he wants for the rest of his life! Also, I had a few comments from viewers about "making Terry a plate" at Shannon's dinner party and they show me doing it again at the hodown. Call me old-fashioned, but I always serve my husband and children first. Even though I don't cook very often or very well, I enjoy feeding my family. It's about taking care of them all, nurturing them, loving them. It satisfies me.