Lizzie Rovsek

Lizzie opens up about what it's like running a successfuly swimwear line.

on Jul 7

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and had a great 4th of July! We had a fabulous weekend celebrating the holiday and Preston's birthday with family and friends.

Tonight you see more of Sun Kitten Swimwear and you get to meet my amazing sales rep, Trisha Kohlmeyer. Up until this year I have literally been a one-woman show. I designed, sold, operated and promoted the line all on my own since 2010. I had an online store and spent quite a bit of money promoting my line. You may have seen Sun Kitten Swimwear showcased on the Marie Osmond Show on the Hallmark channel or on Million Dollar Listing as Sun Kitten was the official sponsor for Miss Malibu USA. Sun Kitten sponsored quite a few pageants and contestants competed in my swimwear. Sun Kitten has been like my third baby to some extent. I created it, gave it direction, cultivated the line and I'm now ready to see Sun Kitten move out of the house and travel abroad... Literally! Like I said, Sun Kitten was an online store, and was carried by only a few small boutiques across the country. Now, my goal has been to get Sun Kitten into stores nationwide and even worldwide. My sales rep, Trisha, has been in the business over eight years and is a hard worker not to mention great at what she does. I'm happy to announce that not only did we make the sale to Molly Browns Swimwear in their three locations (Newport, Laguna, Vegas) and online, but we have also been picked up several stores across the U.S. and even the Dominican Republic.

I mentioned tonight that my swimsuits are made here in the U.S. (Orange County to be exact) and my fabrics are all imported from Italy. Many of my solids are Carvico, which I mentioned on the show, and I also use Eurojersey for the majority of my prints. Although my father helped with the capital to start Sun Kitten Swimwear, it didn't come without hard work. I have a degree in Fashion Design and my dad even had me submit a business plan to him. He has instilled in each of his children a great work ethic and the desire to follow our dreams. I feel very fortunate and blessed that my dad could afford to help me as he does with both my brother and sister in our business ventures. I take Sun Kitten very seriously and I am ready for everyone to take me seriously, too.