Lizzie Rovsek

Vicki can't seem to get Lizzie's name right, so Lizzie's just along for the ride.

on May 23

Here we go again...

Is it really that difficult to say "Lizzie"? I mean, I did tell Vicki she could call me "Elizabeth." Probably half the people I know call me "Elizabeth." I would be 100-percent fine with Vicki calling me "Elizabeth." I don't know what else to do at this point besides laugh that my name has stumped Vicki so much and I am now being referred to in terms of calling your pet pup "Lizzie!" Surely we can find more pertinent things to befuddle ourselves with.

When I first arrived at the hoedown, Tamra gave me advice on how to deal with Vicki. I don't think that Tamra was trying to instigate drama here. Tamra has been very nice to me since the ugly sweater party, and I think she was trying to help out the new girl. You have to understand that I am just trying to figure out these women and how to manage with this new group.

Vicki arrived at the hoedown and pretended like she never met me before. I knew she did it on purpose. When I told Danielle about it, I decided to just have fun with Miss Vicki. She obviously wants to play little girl if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! And as I said to Danielle, "Get on and enjoy the ride." That is how I feel about Vicki right now. It's a little bit like a roller coaster, why not just have fun with it? I have a sense of humor, so let's go. Vicki does in fact apologize for calling me "Izzie" and tells me that people call her "Icky Vicky." (Why a woman that has been called names in the past and didn't like it would call another woman names is beyond me.) However, I accepted her apology and was truly happy to be starting over again.

I think it was very sweet of Vicki to apologize and I accept her apology. I 100-percent believe in forgiveness and I think it takes a lot to admit when you are out of line and rude. When Vicki offered me a tequila shot because I'm Mexican, well I just went along with it. I know she knows better. She made a big deal at the Javier's dinner saying I look ethnic and I explained my heritage. I don't know if she wants a fight or just be silly...but I was going to have fun and I don't mind being called Mexican -- I think Mexican/Latina women are beautiful!