Lizzie Rovsek

Lizzie couldn't help but tell Shannon what Tamra said about her after the way Tamra handled her in Bali.

on Aug 4

We have finally made it to Bali. So much to discuss, let's jump right in!

First let me say how crazy it was for me to go back and watch this while being out in peaceful Kentucky with my kids and family. What a crazy trip!

After my birthday and the Valentine's party I was very apprehensive about going on this trip. But hey, I am going to make the most of it and do my best to have a good time. Things did not end well at the end of the night of the Valentine's party -- more on that later. . .

When I saw everyone at the airport I thought maybe everything is going to be OK. It was really nice being able to open up to Shannon on the elephant ride. We really didn't have much of a relationship prior to my dinner party and our friendship was growing. I felt very comfortable talking to Shannon, and it honestly felt good to talk to someone that cared where I was coming from. My feelings were hurt. I needed to vent.

That night when we all had dinner and drinks out by the water I did not plan to talk about my birthday. Somehow Danielle brought up the "dumb and dumber" comment. Here we go. . .And now Tamra is chiming in, ready to fight. How quickly she came in and made this an argument about something it wasn't. WOW, she's good! Look at how quickly she flipped that whole thing on me?

So, I had a birthday, invited everyone to come and now because I am opening up about how I feel I am a liar and a trouble maker? Are you serious now? I DID text her the night of my birthday because she was my friend and I was not mad at her.
I want to make this very clear to everyone: I WAS NEVER MAD AT TAMRA FOR NOT COMING TO MY BIRTHDAY PARTY. I NEVER SAID I THOUGHT SHE LIED ABOUT HER DAUGHTER BEING SICK. Were my feelings hurt that she didn't care enough to let me know on time? Yes, absolutely. I was very disappointed by many things on the night of my birthday, but was I mad at Tamra? NO!

What I got upset about was that when I confronted her about my birthday she quickly got so defensive and turned it on me. Huh? I DID text her the night of my birthday and Vicki and I sent her a picture of us in the limo. She did say, "Where are your pants?" We were playing around. I was NEVER mad at her. My feelings were hurt, yes, but I wasn't going to let it ruin my night.