Shannon Beador

Shannon clears the air about her "delivery and tone" when she responds to her husband's dry sense of humor.

on Apr 29

It was nice to hear Tamra and Vicki say that I was down-to-earth. While I know that certain parts of my life appear over the top, David and I do pride ourselves that we are never afraid to get our hands dirty. It is our ultimate goal to raise our three daughters so that they are humble, gracious, and respectful girls. Hopefully we will get there!

I mean it when I say that one of the signs of a successful party for me is a "little bit of crazy." I think we accomplished that this time. It's always fun to have our guests go down to the basketball court and see some of the testoserone fly. And on this night, it was an added bonus to get some of the gals down there. By the way, nice shot Vicki!

Tamra and I clearly started to bond that night. I haven't had a shot since before I was married, but when she suggested it, I was game. I have never been one to turn down something wild! But let's make it clear -- Tamra poured the shot -- I think there were probably four shots total in the glass! When I offered her one of my herbal Party Smart pills, I thought it was hilarious that she climbed up and laid on the kitchen counter. Did she think I was going to do a body shot? Give her an injection? And by the way, on those nights where you are going to have more than a couple drinks, the Party Smart pill does wonders! I don't know who makes this supplement, but it's my secret weapon for those zany and outrageous evenings which I love to have from time to time!

As the night wound down, we all sat in my family room and Vicki invited us to her home for "Fakesgiving." I want to explain myself about how I reacted to David. Some people don't understand his dry sense of humor and may get offended. I wanted to let Vicki know that most of David's comments are jokes so that she wouldn't think he was serious when he made a face about coming to her neighborhood. But even so, I didn't sound like a kind and loving wife when I said it. I need to work on my delivery and tone. You see that dry sense of humor and my reaction again at Vicki's. Do you notice the uncomfortable pattern yet???

I am bit bothered that Vicki and Tamra are commenting on the state of my marriage when they really don't even know me. The most ironic thing is that I was not mad at my husband at all after the party and he was not mad at me.