Shannon Beador

New Housewife Shannon opens up about her organic, green home and her budding friendship with Heather.

on Apr 14

Hello everyone! It is very exciting to be writing my first blog!

I readily admit that I choose to live a lifestyle that is quite different from most people in Orange County and am looking forward to giving you a glimpse into my life! It is surreal to watch real things that have happened played back to you on a TV screen and after watching the first episode of the season, there are things that I am both happy and not so happy with. Let's dive into it!

Heather and I shared the same architect, builder, and designer for her previous home, so it was nice to finally meet her. We had a very pleasant visit, and I said goodbye to her hopeful that we would become future friends and neighbors. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and clearly a traditional home does not mesh with Heather's style, but I personally associate traditional design aesthetic as timeless, classic, and elegant. I am proud of my "grandma" style because it does remind me of my grandmother, who was a woman of impeccable taste.