Shannon Beador

Shannon was shocked that Tamra would betray her again after apologizing once, and wants to get to the bottom of it.

on Aug 3

I never thought I would ever travel 25 hours to get to any destination! Life is full of surprises -- welcome to Bali!

I always have a great time with Vicki, and the time flew by with my travel partner! When she and I saw the kayak on our first day at the beach, there was no question that we would take it out. We came across a small, unoccupied boat and I dared Vicki to climb onboard. Of course, she took the dare! As she was stepping into the boat, she lost her balance and we tipped over. My hat was drenched, the cocktails were spilled, and we couldn't seem to climb back into the kayak. What you didn't see was a local man swam up and helped us after 20 minutes of struggling! What a crazy fun morning!

The ride to the elephants was not fun at all! The roads in Bali seem to go straight for a bit and then there are literal "L" shaped curves. We were all carsick! As bad as I felt for Vicki when she was dry-heaving, it was absolutely hilarious!