Shannon Beador

Even though Vicki and Danielle were also late to Heather's hoedown, Shannon wants to know why she was scolded for it.

on May 23

I am truly torn as to how I should approach my blog this week. I am involved in drama (it's ridiculous to even call it that) over the most trivial issues that have been blown to extreme proportions. What saddens me the most is that I was excited to get to know a new family that would eventually live close to mine. Our children are relatively the same age. I am still baffled at how my relationship with Heather has progressed into its current state.

Is it possible to move on from "Chairgate"? Clearly the answer is "No" after watching Heather’s exchange with her husband. To reiterate, I didn't say, "I want to sit in the middle. Why can't I sit in the middle?" I never opened my mouth once telling Heather to move her seat. She acknowledged that Vicki said everything in the last episode. I also didn't yell "the entire way from the bathroom to the table." Watch the footage -- nothing has been left out. And I certainly was not "hiding my behavior." Heather doesn't come across as someone who is easily frightened. Bottom line, you are seeing my "true self" and there was nothing "scary angry" about my behavior. It appears Heather is the one that has an issue with me and it is quite disturbing that she would have a conversation like this in her children's presence.

To the hoedown. Believe it or not, I have manners and am not a rude person. My husband coaches the twins' basketball team and we argued about ending the practice early so we would be on time to the party. He would not change it. I relayed this information to others involved in the party and they clearly did not convey the message to Heather. Basketball, Vicki arriving late to my house, and getting the girls ready all contributed to our late arrival. Was it right to be late? Absolutely not. I apologized for our tardienss several times. I am not a child and do not need to be scolded like one. I am curious how many times a person has to apologize for being late because one apology was not enough for Heather. With all their closest family and friends present on such an important day, why were the Dubrows so consumed with the Beadors' arrival time?

There is one KEY point in this episode which explains everything. Vicki and I walked into the party right after Danielle. Neither Vicki nor Danielle was pulled aside and scolded for being late. Why was I singled out???