Shannon Beador

Shannon reacts to the comments Terry made to David and to Heather and Tamra's bad behavior.

on Aug 19

Amazing that the season is over! It has been a whirlwind to say the least!

And so it begins again. . .Tamra making up more things about me and pulling Heather in. When I first met Tamra, she continually complained about her relationship with Heather. I never suggested that Tamra stay away from Heather, that Heather was evil, or that Heather was a horrible person. I did say that I saw black in Heather's eyes on the day that she kicked me out of her house. My continual suggestion to Tamra was that she should tell Heather how she felt and communicate with her. You can actually see me tell her that early on at Vicki's Fakes-Giving dinner. I never said that Tamra didn't want Heather in her wedding. Tamra said to me that their friendship wasn't real.

Heather says that she "went to the source" and asked Tamra whether certain unkind things were said about her. I did that too. I asked Tamra whether she told Heather about David's email and she denied it. I asked Tamra to confirm what she told me numerous times that Terry wanted to "take the Beadors down," and she denied it. Going to the source has been of no benefit to me, and in fact, has given me false information. If Heather thinks that Tamra is going to be truthful to her, then that is her choice. I think Heather is smarter than that.

As far as my friendship with Vicki, most of the times when Tamra's name comes up, she tells me that Tamra came between her relationship with Brianna. I have been hurt by Tamra and Vicki has been hurt by Tamra. When I am close friends with anyone, I don't want to see them get hurt. I have and will continue to tell Vicki to proceed with caution in any friendship with Tamra.