Shannon Beador

Shannon reacts to the comments Terry made to David and to Heather and Tamra's bad behavior.

on Aug 19

Then why didn't we hear about it at Lizzie's party? Why didn't he "go to the source" months earlier? And even more so, why was there no anger towards Eddie with his comment "Show us how you ride Terry"? Aren't they equally offensive?

My husband started his company on his own and works very hard. He has multiple degrees. The fact that Terry called him stupid and insulted him as a construction worker is unacceptable. I also can honestly say that I have heard many things in my life, but I have never heard one man call another a "penis."  He also called David a "douchebag."

I truly thought Heather and I were on a path to potential friendship, and I was completely shocked at she and Terry's air of superiority at the dinner table. To say words and then insinuate that we would have to look them up is truly offensive. And by the way, a thesaurus is used for synonyms. What we would actually need to look up the big words Heather and Terry used would be a dictionary.

I have developed what I know will be a lifelong friendship with Vicki. Since Bali, I have become quite close to Lizzie. Today, my family and my marriage are the most important things to me. The pot stirring and arguing that some of these women are doing is ridiculous. I have no time or need for it. I can forgive, but I will never forget. With time, you never know what will happen, but for now my husband and I are keeping our distance from Tamra and Dubrows.

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