Tamra Barney

Tamra opens up about her son Ryan's future and why Vicki and Lizzie just didn't hit it off.

on May 13

I hope all the moms out there had a great Mother's Day. I had an amazing day with my mom and kids starting at Saddleback Church followed by lunch, shopping and planting flowers with Sophia in the garden.

Washing towels at CUT Fitness has been a real pain in my butt! As a new business we try to cut costs where we can. So the first year I took the towels home and washed them myself, and it got a little overwhelming to manage. I asked Ryan to take charge and get a washer and dryer installed at CUT Fitness because Eddie and I are both busy running the studio. I didn't want Ryan to bother Eddie with this because he is extremely busy and it was one less thing for Eddie to worry about. Ryan has always made good decisions at the studio and knew he would get the best deal possible.

Ryan has been doing an wonderful job managing the front desk staff and I wanted to give him more responsibilities. The reason why I asked Ryan "what his plans were" was because as a mother you want your kids to be doing something they are happy doing. I want nothing more than for Ryan to run the next CUT Fitness. However, I want it to be what HE wants, not what I want. I was not telling him to leave CUT and go find another job. I just wanted him to say to me, "I want to run the next CUT Fitness," so I knew I wasn't pushing him into doing something he wasn't passionate about. But instead he got defensive thinking I was questioning his future plans like I did when he was younger. Ryan is in such a great place in his life and I am so happy for you too see what life has in store for him next.